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  Gaston, L. (2017) Divergent mechanisms in trauma-focused vs. non-trauma-focused therapies

                              for post-traumatic stress disorder. International Journal of Victimology, 34, 71-179.



A book on psychotherapy of trauma :


      Within the Heart of PTSD:

       Amazing Stories of Gentle Psychotherapy and Full Trauma Recovery


                                            (Gaston, 2015) (free e-book)



Clinical and scientific documents :


           Easy, Easy with PTSD:

           An Expert Clinicians' Appeal (Gaston, 2015, non published)


           Limitations of Trauma-Focused Therapies for Treating PTSD:

           A Perspective (Gaston, 2015, non published)


                     Psychotherapies for PTSD induce emotional inhibition or resolution?

                     Neuroimagery findings (Gaston, 2015, non published)


                     Gaston, L. (1995). Dynamic therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder. In J.P. Barber and P. Crits-Christoph (eds.),

                           Dynamic Therapies for psychiatric Disorders (Axis I) (pp. 161-192). New York: Basic Books. ici



CALPAS (California Psychotherapy Alliance Scales) :

        CALPAS Manual (scales for psychotherapy, group, and pharmacotherapy)

        Reliabililty article (Gaston, 1991)



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